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Could You Be A Guardian Scholar?

At Guardian, we believe one of the most important roles we play in the community is to create opportunities. One of the ways we're able to do this is through the Guardian Scholarship Program. Today we have been able to provide more than $100,000 in education scholarships to local students. Fostering a love of learning and supporting education are the driving purposes of the Guardian Scholarship program, which awards $25,000 in scholarships — $2,500 to ten scholars — each year.

Who can become a Guardian Scholar? Applicants need to be members of Guardian Credit Union and be either a high school senior, a full-time undergraduate or graduate student. Application deadline dates and other information can be requested at

College is expensive, but at Guardian we realize there are many bright, hard-working students in our communities who want to continue their education. Which is why we're committed to doing our part to help local students attend college and work toward realizing their dreams.