Guardian Credit Union

418 Madison Thanks JaniKing!


During this unprecedented time, we have all had to adapt to new normals. We have learned to stay home more than usual, keep safe distances from others in public, and even to sanitize our groceries before bringing them inside our homes, all to keep ourselves, our families and everyone around us safe.

While many people have been allowed to work from home, there are so many without that option. Our teams wanted to recognize these groups for their hard work. On a regular day, they do so much that goes unnoticed and have now been called to do even more.

Our 418 Madison team thanked a group whose responsibilities have increased tremendously since the beginning of this pandemic: the employees at JaniKing, who keep our branches and so many more local businesses clean and safe, both for employees and for the public. Our team brought over 30 bags filled with Guardian swag, gift cards for local Scott Street Deli and handwritten thank-you notes offering gratitude and words of encouragement.

JaniKing employees have an already difficult job, and we are thankful for their constant support every day, and especially now. We, along with everyone in our communities, appreciate their drive and dedication to keep everyone safe. Learn about how Guardian is staying involved in our communities, as well as how you can get involved, here.