Guardian Credit Union

Celebrating 100 Years in Maplesville

Maplesville 100

Guardian’s heart lies within growing towns with strong community values. We strive to make connections with all of our members, and in these small towns especially, our members tend to feel more like family to us.

The Bank of Maplesville was founded September 19, 1919 and has changed names a few times since then. It is now one of 15 Guardian branches, as well as their only financial institution. This year we helped our Maplesville team celebrate 100 years of the Bank of Maplesville by creating a time capsule! The whole community got involved, and everyone at the event wrote a note for the folks of the future to open 100 years from now. We put them all in the time capsule, sealed it and tucked it away in the vault. We can't wait for another 100 years in Maplesville!

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