Guardian Credit Union

Thank You, Grocery Employees!


Through recent events grocery store employees have had to work even harder than normal to meet community needs. They go into work each day determined and driven to serve, despite the potential risk. Ensuring shelves are continually restocked and customers are able to get supplies they need, sanitizing carts after every use, and cleaning stores from top to bottom multiple times a day are only a fraction of what they do each day for everyone’s safety.

Our Taylor Road team in Montgomery acknowledged Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market employees for their hard work with lunch from Chappy’s Deli. They wrote thank-you notes for each department as well, highlighting what they are doing well and offering words of encouragement.

Our team was thankful for the opportunity to serve a group that serves all of us daily. Grocery store employees do so much for our communities, and we are grateful for their hard work. Our communities depend on businesses like the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market and their dedicated employees. Purchasing essential items is something many of us take for granted on a normal day, and, now, hopefully, can appreciate even more.

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