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Community Connections

The connections Guardian makes within each community we serve are something truly special. While every Guardian branch is unique, we all foster the same ideals and strive to create meaningful and lasting relationships with our members and the communities they live in. Many of our members  feel more like family and nothing is more important than to be there for our members and help meet their needs.

Our goal is not just for us to connect with our surrounding communities—it is also for our neighbors to connect with one another. The blue Guardian bench is symbolic of making a connection. Listening to a stranger on a park bench tell you about their grandchildren, the test they just took at school or the lost dog they found leaving the grocery store last night might seem like a small thing; small interactions, however, have the potential to generate big things.

We are proud to be so deeply rooted in the communities we serve and are thankful for the opportunities we have to make connections both in our branches and outside of our membership. We hope you feel our heart for connections within the benches and enjoy them as much as we do.

Read about each of our bench installations and where to find your newest community connection place!