Guardian Credit Union

Guardian Gives Back $879,000+ to Members in 2022


Guardian Credit Union is pleased to announce the 11th Annual Member Interest Rebate and Bonus Dividend, totaling more than $879,000 for 2022. This year’s payout will impact thousands of members and is one of the ways we express our appreciation for their continued loyalty throughout the years. To date, Guardian has given back $7.1 million to members in the form of an Interest Rebate and Bonus Dividend.

You may not know that Guardian Credit Union, and all credit unions, differ from traditional banks and are not owned by stockholders or investors. Guardian is a not-for-profit corporation and is owned by its members. Because of this, we can put these funds back into the pockets of our members each year rather than paying a board or stockholders. We look forward each year to this opportunity to express gratitude to our members during the holiday season.

While there are many benefits and characteristics of Guardian that offer more value than traditional banks, the Interest Rebate and Bonus Dividend sets us apart from other Credit Unions. “Returning our profits to our members in this remarkable amount demonstrates how much we value our members and take every opportunity we can to show our appreciation for their business and support,” said Guardian CEO Heath Harrell. “We are excited to once again be able to provide this cash back bonus to our deserving members.”

If you are interested in becoming a member of Guardian Credit Union, please visit our website by clicking here.