Guardian Credit Union

Guardian Partners with the Liberty Foundation for Super Citizen Program


The Liberty Learning Foundation is a non-profit organization facilitating active civics and character programs in K-12 classrooms. The foundation orchestrates immersive events that empower schools, parents, local leaders, and businesses to take ownership of the future of the community and country. Guardian is thrilled to be a partner with the Liberty Foundation to sponsor schools throughout Montgomery County to inspire and cultivate fun and engaging education that focuses on civics, character, and career readiness.

On Thursday, September 28, Montgomery County Public School second graders from Catoma, Martin Luther King Jr, Morris, Nixon, Flowers, Halcyon, Vaughn Road, & Dalraida cheered and counted down to the grand entrance of Libby Liberty. Wearing green paper crowns and waving tiny American flags, they showed their enthusiasm for the Super Citizen Program they’ll begin after today’s theatrical performance. The kickoff is a fun way to get students excited about the material that their classrooms will begin working on for the next ten weeks. The material teaches kids how to become a super citizen and allows teachers to increase engagement, retention, and accountability in students.

The program will culminate with a graduation celebration where students will receive certificates, honor local heroes on stage, and put in to practice the skills learned by studying gratitude, honor, empathy, good character, and responsible citizenship. Thank you to the Liberty Foundation for all the incredible work that they do, Guardian is proud to be a partner!