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Supporting That’s My Child

That's My Child

Over the past year, Guardian has developed a partnership with a great local organization, That’s My Child. That’s My Child is a non-profit organization whose mission is “to mentor local youth through arts, education, and workforce development” to end generational poverty and create successful community leaders. From encouraging young children to read through their Barbershop Book Club Program to providing teens with a steady job through That’s My Dog, Jr., TMC offers support, stability, and opportunities for growth to children of all ages.

That’s My Dog, Jr. is the first teen-operated restaurant in the country. Every meal purchased is a direct donation back to TMC. Before students can work at That's My Dog, Jr., they must complete a four-week Teen-to-Work program that prepares students for their future careers by teaching them life-skills and connecting them with potential employers.

Through our partnership, Guardian has offered continual support to TMC’s students. Our branches and departments collected business attire for their Teen-to-Work program’s Interview Clothing Drive, and our Dickinson Drive branch partnered with That’s My Dog, Jr. to provide a meal for essential healthcare workers during the current pandemic. We have also implemented a financial education series to give students the foundation they need for longterm financial success.

We are proud to support and work alongside an organization like That’s My Child. They do so much for our local community, and we admire all of their hard work. Learn about all of the ways Guardian is staying involved in our communities and how you can get involved here.